Sewing with scraps – bags to make with small amounts of fabric

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Do you collect and keep all of your fabric scraps? Here we have put together a list of scrap-friendly bag sewing patterns we think you will love.

We all love to sew bags (that’s why we are here) but often the more complicated and larger bags and projects take a LOT of materials and a lot of time to sew. Sometimes it’s just nice to use up all of those smaller pieces of fabric you have left over from other larger projects. And sometimes its nice to have a smaller or quicker project to work on where you don’t have to go out and buy anything new.

What is a fabric scrap? How big is a fabric scrap?

Ah ha, well that is like how long is a short piece of string. Everyones idea of ‘short’ may be different. For some, fabric scraps might refer to anything from a couple of inches square and upwards, while for others, anything Fat Quarter size (18 inches by 22 inches) or less is a fabric scrap. Some fabric scraps and leftovers may be large enough to sew a nice clutch bag or wallet to match your main purse, while some smaller (or tiny) scraps may be best used as applique pieces on other larger sewing projects.

And of course everything in between.

So here we have put together a nice long list of quick and easy to sew patterns for bags, clutches, wallets, pouches, totes, purses and storage ideas to sew. They all have one thing in common; they all only need smaller pieces of fabric to either complete the project or embellish it in some way.

Sewing bags with small scraps of fabric

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