How to add a Zipper Pocket to your Bag Lining – video

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How to add a Zipper Pocket to your Bag Lining - video

If you are a more visual person, then sometimes written pattern directions can be confusing, even if there are some diagrams to help.  Sometimes you just can’t beat actually being shown how to do something in real time – so you can understand it clearly and follow along to get the best results.

That’s especially true when creating a welt zipper pocket for the lining on your bag.  Exactly what fabric goes where? How is it best to trim and turn your fabrics?  How should you hold the zipper in place? And how close should you sew it?

We really like this video because it includes some extra steps you don’t always see in similar tutorials.  The understitching of the lining to the seam allowances helps you to get the perfect finish you are looking for, and stops the lining fabric peeking out when you turn the pocket.

How to sew a zippered pocket into your bag lining

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