Craftsy Unlimited is now BluPrint – special offer

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Craftsy is expanding their arts and crafts class offerings to become SO much more. You may have heard this month that Craftsy Unlimited, the subscription watch-all-you-like service is now called BluPrint. You can still find all of the sewing, quilting, art, baking, cookery, jewelry making, woodworking, photography, painting, crochet and knitting classes that you love but now there is even more.

BluPrint includes a much wider lifestyle offering that you are going to love. Not only all the usual subjects and an ever-increasing catalogue of those classes from your favorite expert instructors, but now extra subjects such as:

  • Yoga and Tai Chi
  • Fitness
  • Health and wellness
  • Dance including modern ballroom, hip-hop, ballet and jazz
  • Home decorating
  • Entertaining
  • Gardening
  • Family and kids fun activities
  • New exclusive series – Spark

Now you don’t just need to sit and craft, Craftsy and BluPrint can help you get up and move too.

We know that many of you love Craftsy and already have an established library of classes that you bought and own. No need to worry, those aren’t going away. Those are yours for life to watch as many times as you like. But now with the BluPrint subscription service you get to keep all the classes you already own and get immediate access to every other class that you haven’t bought AND every new class that is released. All for a simple subscription so you can budget exactly how much you will pay for that unlimited access, and no need to wait for the sales.

An Exclusive Offer for Sew Modern Bags Readers

Craftsy are so confident that you will love all the content on BluPrint that they have offered the Sew Modern Bags readers a special offer for you to try it, if you aren’t already a member.

With this special offer, the usual 7-day trial period is extended to a full 14 days trial for just $1.

So that’s a full 2 WEEKS of Unlimited access to ALL the classes and content for only ONE DOLLAR.

DescriptionFor SewModernBags Followers - Try Bluprint 2 Weeks For $1 at 8/21-8/27/18.

Remember you can cancel anytime during your free trial.  If you do so before your trial ends – they’ll even let you finish up the trial for free! Forgot to cancel? Reach out to Craftsy within 24 hours of the charge for a refund.  They really do want you to be happy with their customer service. 

When you sign up for the 2-week trial, you’ll be asked to select a plan that you will take after the trial and you can pick then either a monthly or an annual subscription.  

NOTE – This is valid for new subscribers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Recent changes to the laws in Europe means the offer is not valid in the EU. See full terms and conditions below.

Try BluPrint for 2 weeks for $1 here


The fine print of the offer

Dates: 8/21-8/27/18

Exclusions: This is valid for new subscribers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Offer expiration 8/27/2018 11:59PM Mountain time. Not available for users within the EU. One (1) redemption per email address. Offer only available for subscribers of Bluprint paid membership, which begins immediately upon the end of your 14 days. Local taxes apply. Credit/debit card required. You can cancel at any time, but your annual subscription will remain active for the full year and prorated refunds will not be offered. Bluprint may end or alter this offer at its discretion.