How to make faux suede tassels – video

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VIDEO - how to quickly and easily make these faux suede tassels that you can use on bags.  Genius idea, includes links for where to get the materials.

Here’s a great video tutorial on how to make your own bag tassels using pre-cut suede cording.  Genius and so much easier and less fussy than cutting your own into tiny strips.  Plus the cording is available in a huge rainbow of colors so you’ll be sure to find an exact color match for your project, whether in pastels, brights or neutrals.

These tassels looks great hung from the handles of larger bags, or used as zipper pulls on smaller bags.  In fact, anywhere you want to add a little bling and make your bags look awesome – add a tassel!

We recommend giving your cord a light pressing with a cool iron when you unroll it.  Allow it to cool flat and you can hopefully avoid the ‘poking out in all directions’ effect, and get a much smoother finish like the pink one shown. But the suede is very tactile, and you’ll want to smooth it with your fingers as it hangs from your bag, so it would soften and straighten in a short time anyway.

Check out the materials that you would need here, and all the beautiful colors of faux suede you could use to make your tassels. ┬áThere are even some ready-made suede trim you can buy so you’d just cut your length, roll it up and it’s done!

Find the perfect supplies

Don’t fancy these ones? ┬áThen here are some Etsy search results so you can pick your own perfect tassels from the whole range of their supplies. Or just find the best prices for standard supplies such as glue and cord caps. Have fun!

All 8mm Cord caps here

All 3mm suede pre-cut cord

All E6000 glue suppliers