Patchwork Tote Bag with couching – FREE sewing video & tutorial

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Patchwork Tote Bag with couching - FREE sewing video & tutorial

We have below an excellent FREE video AND tutorial showing you how to make a Patchwork Tote Bag with Couching.

So all you now have to do, once you have watched the video or read the tutorial, is to decide on which sixteen 5″ squares of fabric you want to use. You can pick them from your fabric scraps or purchase a brand of precut squares.

What is couching?

In embroidery, couching is a technique for attaching a length of thread to a base fabric by taking tiny stitches over it at regular intervals. The word couch comes from the French verb “coucher” which means to lay down, so it really applies to attaching just about anything (embroidery floss, thin cord, wool, or even ribbon) as long as it uses stitches over or on top.

What you will need to make the Patchwork Tote Bag with Couching:-

  • Sixteen  5″ squares of fabric – from your scraps or buy a charm pack
  • One piece of fabric (quilting cotton) for the backing and two pieces for the lining
  • Two pieces of batting or fusible fleece – depending on the look you want
  • Two pieces of fabric for your handles.
  • Two pieces of batting, the length of your handle
  • One ball of thick wool, or whatever other material you want to use for the optional couching on this bag.
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies

No pattern is needed. All of the cutting and sewing instructions are given in the video below. Enjoy!

Click here for the FREE written tutorial

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