Make your own leather bag tassels – video

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VIDEO - make leather/viny tassels using scraps and hardware from the DIY store for an industrial look.

Did you see the video and tutorial we posted earlier about how to create beautiful tassels for your bag?  Check out that one for very neat and professional looking tassels that you can make in a rainbow of colors.

VIDEO - how to quickly and easily make these faux suede tassels that you can use on bags. Genius idea, includes links for where to get the materials.

But if you don’t want to splash out for any special supplies, just want to use the spare pieces of leather or suede you have on hand already, plus easy to find hardware you can find in your local DIY store, then here is an alternative idea and video for you.  If you like a quirky look, more industrial, then making your bag tassels with plumbing supplies could be just the look you are after!

To make these tassels, you would need a thin and soft leather or faux leather.  We love the Telio Perfection Faux Leather range here.  Super soft and flexible, perfect for tassels with good drape and movement.  Available in a wide range of colors that would be perfect for bag-making.