Top bags to sew for traveling, vacations and weekends away

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Top bags to sew for traveling, vacations and weekends away. Our round up of travel bags to sew includes passport wallets, carry all bags, carry-on bags, cosmetics bags, sunglasses cases, and lots more bags to sew. These travel bag sewing patterns will keep you on the road all year. Free sewing patterns for beginners with easy instructions.

Travel is one of the best things life has to offer (after sewing of course). And it’s no longer restricted to a short week away in the summer. Travel can be any time of year, for any reason. Sometimes you are just travelling for a vacation, alone or with your family – kids too. Sometimes travel is for business and perhaps isn’t so much fun and you need to carry along different things, like paperwork and a laptop. And sometimes travel is to visit family and friends for the holidays – it might be miles away, in the next town, or just local and you won’t be staying overnight.

But no matter your reason and time of year for travelling, its all going to go much more smoothly and comfortably if you have the perfect set of bags with you. Even better if you’ve sewn those bags yourself in all of your favorite prints and fabrics too. Brighten up any trip by taking along your favorite fabrics for the journey.

Our round up of the best bags to sew for travelling, vacations and weekends away includes bags, storage, organizers, wallets and totes of all types, shapes and sizes. Whether you only need to carry your passport and boarding pass in a specially designed travel wallet, or you need to carry everything for a weekend away – we’ve got you covered in all of the pattern below.

90 awesome bag sewing patterns for travel, vacations and weekends away

Top bags to sew for travel

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