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Simple Clutch bag sewing pattern with 8 different flaps

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Free clutch bag sewing pattern. The ideal bag for a beginner or someone new to sewing, or for anyone who wants to sew up a simple bag in about 30-40 mins. Shows you how to create your own shape for the flap too.

Been inspired by all of the content on this site but still not tried your hand at sewing a bag yet? Then this is the perfect place to start. This simple bag has no complicated sewing, no darts, zippers, pockets etc – just a straightforward bag you can sew, with the option of a wrist strap if you want it.

This nice easy sewing pattern would also be ideal for teaching someone to sew – a friend, daughter, niece, granddaughter…
Even if you are an experienced sewer, it’s sometimes nice just to quickly stitch up a simple project and use it right away. Or make these production line style for stocking stuffers, gift ideas, or to sell at a craft fair or event.

The PDF download includes all the info and photos you need to get a great bag in super-quick time, and also shows you how to create a flap shape of your choice if you want to make something a little bit different.  Look here for the scalloped edge, the wave and a pointed front too – it’s up to you!

Get the easy clutch bag pattern here

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