Makeup (to-go) Bag FREE sewing tutorial

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Sewing tutorial for the Makeup (to-go) Bag

Here is the Makeup (to-go) Bag FREE sewing tutorial. The designer wanted to make something that had special compartments for her brushes and a zip pouch for her makeup, so she made this awesome bag. We love how this has a flatter design so it can be used on the go by slipping it inside your purse. It’s also the perfect size for traveling if you don’t need to take absolutely everything with you, just your favorite pieces of makeup.

Besides being completely FREE, the great thing about this project is that you can personalize it by making the makeup brush pockets small or big as you want!

And if you decide that you don’t need a makeup bag then you can easily use this for an art bag. You’ll then just make the brush compartments the size for colored pencils and you are all ready to go! If you want, you can even put a small coloring book or sketchbook in the zipper and you have a cute little art caddy!

Sewing tutorial for the Makeup (to-go) Bag

The possibilities are endless. Crochet hooks would also be a fun idea, and you can slip a small project in the zipper section.

This project has curved edges and so the designer used bias binding so you can sew it smoothly around the curves.

So you can make yourself a cute and functional Makeup {to-go} Bag, or why not make a few and give them away as fabulous gifts.

What you will need to make a Makeup (to-go) Bag:-


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