Cases, covers and bags to sew for your tech and gadgets

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Cases, covers and bags to sew for protecting your gadgets and electronic items

Did you or a family member get new tech for Christmas? A tablet, laptop or e-reader perhaps? Maybe a posh cell phone you really want to take care of.

Then it’s time to sew up a cover, case or bag to store or carry your new gadgets. We’ve got a whole bunch of cases and covers you can sew on the site, but we’ve picked out some of our favorites for you below.

Covers, cases and bags to sew for your tech and gadgets

Protect your tech and gadgets from knocks and scratches, or even worse, broken screens, by sewing a protective case or cover. We've got SO MANY cases, covers, bags and carriers on the site that would be perfect for your electronic items, but here we've saved just a few of our favorites for you to consider.

This is one of our favorite projects to sew. Something really practical and useful that you can use everyday, or every week. Sew up a bag in your favorite bright prints, or pick a fabric from your favorite designer, or even a novelty fabric from your favorite TV show or movie. Show off your fun and creative side as you carry the serious tech you need for the office!

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