Gizmo Garage – the iPad and laptop combo bag

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Gizmo Garage - the iPad and laptop combo bag

We have found you a fantastic sewing pattern for making a bag to store and carry your laptop and iPad when you are on the move. It can be great to get a change of scenery and do some work in a cafe or park. This bag helps you to take your work and tech items with you.

{A little bit of personal info here. When we have a deadline to meet or a big project to work on, Susan often takes her laptop to this great little coffee shop in town. It’s really quiet there, great coffee and food, faster internet than at home, and she’ll plugin and work there for several hours or until the job is done. Somehow it’s easier to concentrate without all the distractions at home. Of course, she needs a cute bag to carry her laptop and papers – this bag would be perfect for that!}

Three sizes for your tablet, iPad, laptop
The Gizmo Garage comes in three sizes, with plenty of storage pockets to keep you organized. This spacious laptop bag boasts a front flap closing with a hook and D ring, hiding a large exterior slip pocket (perfect for paperwork) that has a smaller slip pocket and pen pocket inside.

Ideal for laptops and tablets
There are also two big pleated slip pockets, perfect for housing your laptop charger and cords. The main opening houses up to a 17” laptop in the larger version of the bag and up to a 15” laptop in the medium version and up to a 13” in the small version.

Gizmo Garage - the iPad and laptop combo bag

If you turn the bag around you will see another padded pleated pocket with magnetic snap flap closure, which is perfect for your iPad. It comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap (as well as a grab strap) so you can carry it multiple ways, or just grab and go.

The designer says that you should refer to the sizing guide included in the pattern to help you choose the correct size for your laptop. This main area is free from any other pockets to protect your laptop from scratches or external damage due to rubbing.

The Gizmo Garage Bag has been rated by the talented designer as an intermediate sewing project.

When you have finished making your Gizmo Garage Bags they will measure approximately:-

  • Small version = 21.5cm (8½”) wide by 35.5cm(14″) high by 5cm (2″) deep.
  • Medium version = 24cm (9½”) wide by 40.5cm (16″) high by 5cm (2″) deep.
  • Large version = 26cm (10¼”) wide by 43cm (17″) high by 5cm (2″) deep.
Gizmo Garage - the iPad and laptop combo bag

If you would like to add the Gizmo Garage Bag pattern to your pattern collection, then you should click on the link below. The pattern has a full requirements list with suggestions on where to obtain your hardware, 36 pages of comprehensive instructions which include 69 step by step color photos. Pattern pieces in total for three bag sizes are included plus measurements were possible for those that prefer to cut from measurements.

Gizmo Garage - the iPad and laptop combo bag

What you will need to make a Gizmo Garage Bag:-

  • A note from the designer, yardage is meant as a guide and may not be exact for directional prints and fussy cutting,
  • 112 cm (44”) wide exterior solid fabric:
  • Small Bag = 46 cm (½ yard),
  • Medium Bag = 70 cm (¾ yard),
  • Large Bag = 70 cm (¾ yard),
  • 112 cm (44”) wide exterior patterned fabric:
  • Small Bag = 115 cm (1 ¼ yard),
  • Medium Bag = 115 cm (1 ¼ yard),
  • Large Bag = 137 cm (1 ½ yard),
  • 90 cm (1 yard) of 112 cm (44”) wide lining fabric,
  • Other requirements are listed in your pattern,
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • A sewing machine.

If you would like to download the pattern you can click on the blue button below.

Click here for the pattern