Brancaster Messenger Bag sewing pattern

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Brancaster Messenger Bag sewing pattern

We love this designer here at Sew Modern Bags. She produces top quality patterns that turn into awesome looking bags.

This great looking bag of hers is called The Brancaster Messenger Bag and is influenced by vintage fishermen’s bags. This simple 1940s inspired messenger style bag features an asymmetrical flap and front pocket.

The Brancaster Messenger Bag is a practical shape and size for all occasions and can be made in a variety of fabrics, and with a contrasting strap/pocket. It has an interior pocket with a divider.

Brancaster Messenger Bag sewing pattern

Sizing info:
When you have finished making yourself a Brancaster Messenger Bag it will measure approximately 9.5” (24 cm) high by 13” (33 cm) wide by 2” (5 cm) deep.

What you will need to make the Brancaster Messenger Bag:-

  • With just one fabric, you will need 2/3 yard (60cm) of 60” (154cm) wide or ¾ yard (65cm) of 44” (112cm) wide exterior fabric,
  • To make with a contrast pocket and strap, you will need 2/3 yard (60cm) of 60” (154cm) wide or 44” (112cm) wide main exterior fabric AND 1/3 yard (30cm) of 60” (154cm) wide or 44” (112cm) wide contrast fabric,
  • ¾ yard (65cm) of 44” (112cm) wide lining fabric,
  • 1/3 yard (30cm) of 44” (112cm) wide firm sew-in interfacing,
  • ½ yard (50cm) of 36” (92cm) wide fusible interfacing,
  • 40” by 5” (105cm x 14cm) of fusible web,
  • A piece of plastic canvas 2” by 12” (5cm x 30cm) for the base,
  • One magnetic snap,
  • Two or three big buttons,
  • Thread to match the fabric,
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • Sewing machine.
Brancaster Messenger Bag sewing pattern

The designer, Charlie’s Aunt, receives fantastic customer reviews. Here are just a few of her 5-star reviews:-

dwarriner1 said – I got the download pattern. It came right away and I made it the next day. It was very simple to make and instructions were very easy. I was well satisfied with this pattern.

Janice Hopper said – Finally used this pattern for a Christmas gift for my mother. Wonderful pattern with very easy to follow instructions. Love this bag. Will be back for more patterns. I do sell bags on my Etsy site but seldom more than 2-3 of each design. Thank you!

Nyra, Myrna, Marla S said – I love this beautiful bag. I have always liked messenger type bags and I am so happy to have a pattern for it now. Thank you so much. Nyra

sarahwooddell said – The pattern was super easy to follow and took me a couple hours. The pattern included helpful illustration of the steps. I would recommend this pattern to anyone, would be a good project to a confident beginner sewer.

Brancaster Messenger Bag sewing pattern

If you would like to download this pdf pattern you can click on the light blue button below.

Click here to get the pattern

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