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Sew Your Own Lunch Bag FREE video tutorial

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Sew Your Own Lunch Bag FREE video tutorial

Something a little different for you today – a sewing video in a foreign language. OK, bear with us, because we only just learned this recently ourselves and just HAD to pass it on to you so you can explore a whole new and wider world of sewing.

Did you know that you can auto-translate YouTube videos? No, neither did we! Check out how. See that little box on the bottom right of the video – that’s the subtitles or captions box. Click there to pick the language of the subtitles. If they aren’t available as standard in your language, you can ask YouTube to auto-translate them for you using the Settings icon which is the little gear on the right of the captions – and there you have it, English subtitles on your foreign sewing videos. (Not all videos have this option.)


Now, of course, it’s not going to be perfect and you can giggle along as you watch and sew at some of the strange phrases it tries to translate, but it certainly makes them more watchable and easier to understand if you aren’t sure of what is being explained.  Try turning on the subtitles to this video and learn how to sew this cute oilcloth lunch bag.

You can easily sew this oilcloth practical lunch bag yourself! All you need is the free pattern, nice, solid cotton fabric for the outside, and coated cotton or not too thick oilcloth for the inner lining. With the step-by-step video tutorial and the freebie with all dimensions, even beginners can make one in a short time! 

Lunch bags are practical helpers – washable, robust, and space-saving. The washable inner lining can be pulled out and cleaned under running water. They are very easy to close with Velcro and are therefore also very suitable for children’s hands in school. Of course, they are also suitable for storing food for study, work, or picnics. In the large sewing version, the bag is also ideal as a swimming bag for stowing wet swimwear. If the lunch bag is empty, it can easily be folded up small and flat and stowed in the bag to save space.

Sew Your Own Lunch Bag FREE video tutorial

When you have finished making yourself this simple lunch bag it will measure approximately:-

  • Normal size = 29 cm high by 16 cm wide by 12 cm deep.
  • Large size = 32 cm high by 18 cm wide by 14 cm deep.
Sew Your Own Lunch Bag FREE video tutorial

The yardage of fabric and velcro that you will need to make one of these simple lunch bags are as follows:-

  • Normal size = For the outside and inside of each 72 cm by 30 cm of fabric and 20 cm of Velcro.
  • Large size = For the outside and inside of each 80 cm by 34 cm of fabric and 24 cm of Velcro.

We hope this facility to translate YouTube videos into your own language with automatic subtitles will open up a whole new range of sewing patterns and tutorials that you might not have been able to easily access before.

Download the free pattern here
(and don’t forget to use the translate feature on your internet browser to translate the German page to English too)

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Download the free pattern here
(and don’t forget to use the translate feature on your browser to translate the German page to English too)

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