Devon Zipper Pouch sewing pattern and video (2 sizes)

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Devon Zipper Pouch sewing pattern and video

This is the most popular pattern for this designer. The Devon Zipper Pouch comes in two sizes – small and large – and each has a front zipper pocket as well as a zipper closure.

Devon can be made by an intermediate sewer and when finished has the following approximate dimensions:-

  • Small – 6 ½” wide by 3 ¾” tall
  • Large – 7 ¼” wide by 5″ tall and 1 ½” deep
Devon Zipper Pouch sewing pattern and video

Enjoy this timelapse video of how to sew the Devon pouch.

Want to see if this pattern is for you? Here’s how to sew it with this excellent video from Svetlana herself.

What you will need to make the Devon Zipper Pouch (large size):-

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