Sigma Build-A-Wallet pattern

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Sigma Build-A-Wallet pattern

Here’s a simple stylish totally unisex wallet with lots of options to customise it to suit your personal needs. And to help you make it there’s a full video tutorial included.

The Sigma Build-a-Wallet pattern is your chance to design your own wallet. The designer has included instructions for each part of the wallet with particular parts that you can mix and match to create a totally unique wallet that’s perfect for you.

The Sigma Build-a-Wallet has the following excellent pocket and slot options:

  • You can have a maximum of twelve card slots, each large enough for two credit cards,
  • You can have one or two paper money slots,
  • Internal and external zipper pockets are optional,
  • An ID pocket is optional,

Choose the pockets and the slots that you want to use, to build your own wallet your way.

Sigma Build-A-Wallet pattern

If you are left-handed then no problem, the designer has even thought of that. You can create a left or right-handed custom wallet.

Bags by Bags of Style designed the Sigma to be sewn in cork, leather or Kraftex but it can also be sewn in thicker oilcloth, faux leather or Cordura.

As a really great bonus, the designer has included with the Sigma the Mikro Sigma. There are nine pages of instructions and photographs to show you how to hack your Sigma Wallet to make a smaller wallet that’s ideal for those who travel light or ideal for kids pocket money or to give a gift card for Christmas. There are no pattern pieces with the Mikro Sigma as you will use pieces from the large Sigma pattern.

Also included in your purchase is a series of ten videos to guide you through making both your Sigma and Mikro Sigma.

When you have finished making either or both of these fantastic wallets they will measure approximately:

  • Original Sigma = 8″ by 3⅝”.
  • Bonus Mikro Sigma = 4″ by 3¼”.
Sigma Build-A-Wallet pattern

If you don’t already have the skills, the designer will teach you the following:

  • A raw edge ‘no tape showing’ zipper insertion.
  • Hints and tips on sewing with cork leather, Kraftex and Faux leather.
  • Burying threads.
  • Creating your own ‘custom’ design.
Sigma Build-A-Wallet pattern

The pdf file consists of 22 pages of instructions and full-colour photographs and diagrams to guide you through each stage of construction. There is also a comprehensive video guide included to help guide you through construction and offer additional ideas for construction and decoration. The pattern pieces are fully-sized to print on your domestic printer.

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