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How to keep your sewing scissors sharp

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How to keep your sewing scissors sharp and in tip-top cutting condition. 10 Tip Tips.

Are you still using the same sewing and fabric scissors you started out with? Are they a closely guarded and treasured possession – perhaps handed down from a grandmother who taught you to sew.  Or do you like to treat yourself regularly to the latest shiny pair to make sure you have the very best cutting tools for your projects?

Your fabric scissors are a prized possession of your sewing room, so be sure to treat them that way. Follow these Top 10 Tips from Christine Haynes on the Craftsy sewing blog, to keep your scissors in tip-top shape, so they are sharp and ready for use at all times!

Some are, hopefully, common sense but there are a couple in there that we hadn’t considered and this list of tips is well worth reading.  And of course, having a good pair of sewing scissors in the first place and the best way to start out.

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