Milestone Pouch sewing pattern

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The Milestone Pouch is an adorable key & coin purse. It features a zipped pocket for a few coins and a separate enclosure with an elasticated opening providing an easy-to-access spot for a key. There is also the option to add a cute little curved slip pocket for a credit card/travel card! This powerful little pouch packs a punch!! Lots of little details for you to play with, with the flexibility to use the fabric, notions, and hardware you have on hand.

Make a pouch out of canvas for the sporty outdoor person in your life or out of leather for a more sleek look. Either will be very durable for all your adventures.

Outer fabric: Most mid-heavy weight woven fabrics are suitable such as oilskin/waxed canvas, mid – weight canvas, denim.
Lining: Medium-lightweight cotton, quilting cotton, linen, mid-light weight canvas.
This is a total scrap buster of a project; less than a 1/4m of fabric is needed. You will probably get most of what you need from your scrap basket!

**NOTIONS required include:
Zipper: 16cm (6 1/2″) length of No.3 coil zipper tape. In order to get the full opening length, the use of a length of nylon coil zipper that you can sew over is suggested. A no.3 size tape is recommended but a no.5 can be used.
– Cord: approximately 30cm (12″) of cord to secure a key inside the elasticated pocket, and OPTIONALLY a further 18cm (7″) for either a bottom loop or a zipper loop. The key loop can be made using 30cm (12″) of 2mm cotton cord, some elasticated cord, leather string, narrow cotton herringbone tape. The final finished lengths of cord will be shorter, but it is much easier to handle with some excess cord length.
– Elastic: approximately 25cm (10″) of 0.5cm (1/4″) elastic. To secure the elasticated opening. The final finished lengths of elastic will be shorter, but it is much easier to handle with some excess elastic length.
– Snap Fixing: a 12mm anorak style snap fixing. If including the external slip pocket, you will need one snap fixing to secure it.
– Other Optional Hardware Items:
D-Ring: A small d-ring (12mm to a max width of 25mm) to optionally add to a zipper tab at the base.
Swivel Hook: A small swivel hook (12mm to a max width of 25mm) to optionally add to a zipper tab or zipper loop at the base.
Key Ring: A key ring to add to the internal key loop so that more than one key can be secured.

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