In-The-Hoop Lined Zipper Bag FREE sewing tutorial

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In-The-Hoop Lined Zipper Bag FREE sewing tutorial

This is the In-The-Hoop Lined Zipper Bag FREE sewing tutorial from the designer Ageberry.

In this tutorial, the designer will show you how to make a lined zippered bag entirely in the hoop using your embroidery machine! She will walk you through each step of the process and by the end, you’ll have a beautiful and functional zipper bag that you made entirely with your embroidery machine

She goes onto say that this project may not be suitable for beginners and will require a modern embroidery machine with a large hoop. Before starting, make sure you have the necessary equipment and are comfortable with basic embroidery techniques.

These zipper bags in the hoop are fun, quick and easy to make! She says it’s exciting to see each bag turn out unique and special and the best part is that everything is done in the hoop, so there’s no need for complicated sewing steps.

These are great to make for yourself or why not make some as gifts. These zipper bags are a wonderful way to keep things organized in style. They are perfect for keeping makeup, stationery, or other small items neatly tucked away.

In-The-Hoop Lined Zipper Bag FREE sewing tutorial

What’s needed to make a In-The-Hoop Lined Zipper Bag:-

  1. Embroidery machine with a large hoop, at least 6″ by 10″,
  2. No-show mesh stabilizer,
  3. One zipper (desired length for the bag),
  4. Outer fabric ,
  5. Lining fabric ,
  6. Batting ,
  7. Embroidery threads,
  8. Embroidery scissors (duckbill scissors),
  9. Embroidery needles.

When using an embroidery machine the designer reminds us that you should use a zipper with thin plastic teeth. She says your embroidery machine will stitch over coils and you don’t want a broken needle because it hits metal. But embroidery needles go over plastic coils easily. The zipper has to be longer than the width of the bag – 1 inch on each side at least. Make sure that the zipper ends are outside of the placement stitches. The zipper shouldn’t be invisible – you know this kind of zippers used for clothes. It also shouldn’t be a separating zipper.  

In-The-Hoop Lined Zipper Bag FREE sewing tutorial

And as far as which fabrics you should use the designer says you can use quilting cotton but for this project, she used thin vinyl fabric, or maybe it’s better to call it faux leather. She decided to use a solid color, not printed fabric because the embroidery will stand out better on a solid fabric. And for the lining you can use printed fabric that will coordinate with the outside of the bag.

If you would like to check out the FREE tutorial you can click on the purple button below.

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