Messenger Bag free sewing pattern

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Messenger Bag free sewing pattern

This is a fabulous free sewing tutorial that the talented designer drew up to make a Messenger Bag for her daughter. The plan was for her daughter to sometimes put her notebook computer in her padded messenger bag and take it safely to school.

The designer says that this project is a little more complicated and has a lot more pieces than most of her projects. You will start with lots of nothing but rectangle pieces of fabric, however, if you read through the directions before you start the designer says you’ll get through it just fine. 

She has included many photos in her tutorial to make things much easier.

There are a lot of pieces to cut out so the designer suggests that you keep the list handy as you go through the instructions so you know which piece that she is referring to. 

Everything is sewn using a 1/2” seam unless otherwise noted. Also, when the designer tells you to turn and press something, always trim the seam and clip the corners first.

What you will need to make the Messenger Bag:-

Click here for the free tutorial

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