How to make a Rocket Pocket

Great video on how to sew a double-duty pocket with card slots for your handbag purse sewing patterns.

A pocket is just a pocket, is just a pocket – right?  No!  There are so many different types of pockets you can incorporate into both the inside and outside of your bags.  Don’t always just blindly follow the suggested pocket instructions in your bag patterns – think what you carry, how you like to organise it, and what pocket design would suit YOU and your bag the best.


Here’s an example of a combination pocket for you.  The ‘Rocket Pocket’ features card slots in the front, and a simple slip pocket behind – make your pockets double-duty with a two-in-one function.  Here’s a video to show you how to make one. Download the free written instructions and measurements below.

How to Sew a ‘Rocket Pocket’

Download the Rocket Pocket Instructions here