Felicity Tote Bag sewing pattern

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Felicity Tote Bag sewing pattern

This is the Felicity Tote Bag pdf sewing pattern from the designer Bagstock Designs.

This beautiful bag has the following excellent features:

  1. Exterior front slip pocket,
  2. Exterior back zipper pocket,
  3. Trolley sleeve,
  4. Lining divider pocket,
  5. Lining zipper pocket,
  6. Lining slip pockets,
  7. Top zipper closure.

A disclaimer from the designer. The Trolly Sleeve is approximately 7″ wide. Due to the varying sizes of luggage handles, the Trolly Sleeve may not fit over your luggage handle. Before making the Trolley Sleeve, measure your luggage handle to see if it will fit in the Trolley Sleeve. If it doesn’t, you can proceed with using the instructions for making it a slip pocket instead.

Felicity Tote Bag sewing pattern

Sizing info:
When you have finished making a Felicity Tote Bag it will measure approximately 13” wide by 12” high by 5” deep at the bottom.

Skill level:
The designer rates her sewing project as suitable for an intermediate sewist.

What’s needed to make a Felicity Tote Bag:

  • ½ yard of 44” quilting weight exterior fabric,
  • 1¼ yard of 44” woven or vinyl/cork contrasting fabric. If the fabric width is 45″ or more you will need only ⅔ yard,
  • 1½ yards of 44” quilting weight lining fabric,
  • 5 yards of fusible woven interfacing – 20” wide (Pellon SF-101 Shapeflex). 2½ yards if using 45” wide,
  • A piece of 7” by 4” fusible fleece (Pellon Thermolam plus TP971),
  • 1 yard sew-in foam stabilizer – 20” wide (Pellon Flex Foam),
  • A piece of 13” by 5” of fusible stiff stabilizer (Pellon Peltex / Decovil Heavy),
  • A piece of 14” by 3” Decovil Light / Décor Bond (For main zipper closure),
  • One 20” or longer #4.5 / #5 zipper (Main zipper closure),
  • One 9” or longer #3 / #4.5 / #5 zipper (Front zipper pocket),
  • One 12” or longer #3 / #4.5 / #5 zipper (Trolly sleeve pocket),
  • One 13” or longer #4.5 / #5 zipper (Lining divider pocket),
  • One 12” or longer #3 / #4.5 / #5 zipper (Lining zipper pocket),
  • One twist lock or magnetic snap (For flap),
  • One zipper end,
  • Four rivets – size 8 mm (10 mm if you are using thicker fabrics),
  • Six bag feet (optional),
  • Fray Check,
  • Fabric glue and double-sided tape,
  • Zipper foot,
  • Fabric marker,
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • A sewing machine.
Felicity Tote Bag sewing pattern

The pdf pattern includes sixty pages of easy step-by-step instructions with color photos to help you through each step. The pattern also includes printable pattern pieces with seam allowances included.

If you would like to download the pattern you can click on the blue button below.