Super Easy Pencil Case FREE sewing pattern

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Super Easy Pencil Case FREE sewing pattern

This is the Super Easy Pencil Case, a fabulous FREE sewing pattern that we think you’ll love and want to sew right now.

This zipper pouch is similar to the pencil cases that you might have had in school and it is also super easy to customize, which the fabulous designer, The Folk Art Factory, will show you how to do.

The Super Easy Pencil Case has a top zipper and it’s fully lined. And why is this a “super easy” Pencil Case? Because the designer makes the whole zipper experience much easier! Where most people struggle with zipper pouches is the bit where things have to be turned out and sewn. This can cause puckers at the ends of the zip and all sorts of nasties. But with this Pencil Case, you are not going to do it. You don’t need to turn the pouch inside out and pin stuff. When the zipper goes in, you will bind that bottom edge instead!

FREE sewing pattern for the Super Easy Pencil Case

This pouch is perfect for all of those little around-the-house needs. Pencils (of course) and also knitting needles, toys, first aid bits, and pieces and a portable sewing kit for your suitcase. Have one in the car too with the sort of things that your family always seems to need. It is perfect for keeping your small baby or pet needs in one place too.

The length of the bag is determined by the overall zipper length including the end tapes. That’s the bit of the zipper that is on each end without the teeth. This makes it super easy to customize and means that you can use whatever size of fabric that you have by matching it up with your zipper length!

FREE sewing pattern for the Super Easy Pencil Case

What you will need to make a Super Easy Pencil Case:-

Please note that if your pouch is a lot larger than the designer’s then you may need more than a fat quarter.

If you would like to download the FREE pattern you can click on the purple button below.

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