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Simple Wrap Around Pocket Bag / The Jade Bag – free video

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The Jade Bag video tutorial.

Here we have found you a great 32-minute YouTube video sewing tutorial from Owl Be Sewing where the fabulous designer shows you how to make her Jade Bag, which is a simple wrap-around pocket bag.

This Crossbody Bag is described by the designer as a very simple bag to sew that is definitely a project a beginner sewer can complete. It’s a fast project that means you can make plenty of them for yourself and for your family and friends.

There’s a continuous zipper that goes all the way around the bag thereby creating an external pocket that wraps all the way around the bag. The inside of the bag is flexible and versatile where you can add your own pockets if you wish.

The designer has used some cork in her example, however, you can, of course, use lots of other types of fabric like for example quilting cotton.

The straps are adjustable the bag is perfect for everyday use as a purse or you can use it to hold travel documents and go travelling.

The YouTube video is below. We hope that you enjoy making one of these Jade Bags.


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