Protective Cover For Your Singer Featherweight pattern

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Sew a Protective Cover for your Singer Featherweight

Are you one of the lucky sewers who owns a coveted original Singer Featherweight sewing machine? Here’s how you can make a custom protective zipper cover that fits it perfectly.

This tutorial shows you how to make the perfect zippered protective dust and splash-proof cover for your precious Singer Featherweight sewing machine case.
It’s made of sports nylon or a similar fabric. This cover is sturdy and very lightweight, but still very protective.

Sew a Protective Cover for your Singer Featherweight

This case is great for keeping your sewing machine case/box covered from top to bottom. It’s all zipped up! It has only a 6″ opening for the handle.

There is no need to take the whole case from this cover, when you’re ready to take your machine out of the case for sewing. Just unzip it, open the case, take your machine out, close it back and zip the case! Protected all the time, even when your machine is in use!

The pattern has been calculated precisely to fit your case. Just cut your fabric according to the instructions, sew and you’ll have the perfect cover. The designer asks that you please, watch her video (included in the tutorial), follow her steps and make your own fabulous cover!

Remember, your Featherweight is as precious as its original case so please protect it!

[NOTE – if you want the inner case for the sewing machine that converts to the work mat, you can find the pattern along with all the Quiltessa patterns HERE]

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