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Pleated Zipper Pouches FREE sewing pattern (in 3 sizes) with video

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FREE Pleated Zipper Pouches sewing pattern (in 3 sizes)

This is a Pleated Zipper Pouches pdf sewing pattern from the designer I Think Sew Bags which comes in three sizes.

It’s a beginner-friendly set of zippered pouches. For crafters who are not familiar with zippers, this is a great pattern to start befriending them.

These pouches also feature comfortable wrist straps if you prefer to sew and carry a wristlet bag instead of a clutch bag. For beginner sewers, an all-purpose zipper is suggested.

Pleated Zipper Pouches sewing pattern (in 3 sizes)

Sizing info:
When you have made yourself some of these lovely Pleated Zipper Pouches they will measure approximately:
– Small = 7½” wide by 3¾” high,
– Medium = 9½” wide by 5″ high,
– Large = 12″ wide by 6″ high.

Full video tutorial available:
If you like sewing while following a YouTube tutorial link then the designer has got just what you want. Just click play and watch this 11-minute video.

As a good designer, the designer got a number of testers to test her tutorial and pattern before she released it to the public. Here is some feedback from three of those testers:

  1. Ella said – I love the results of the pouches. They look so professional and like no other pattern designer I have seen before. I plan on making many more of them. Thank you.
  2. Karena said – Thanks so much for the chance to test the little zipper pouch! It is adorable and turned out very well! It took me about an hour to finish the medium size. I am an experienced sewer but still dislike doing zippers unless I have to because I can never get them to turn out perfectly! I had a little trouble getting the edge to match up on one side but that’s just my error. The directions were clear and easy to follow and I appreciate the actual pictures. Sometimes some of the hand-drawn pictures/instructions can be a little confusing, but these step-by-step ones were great!
  3. Lilach said – As a beginner and second language English speaker, photos are very important to me in understanding the pattern – your photos are so great with lots of details that show every step of the way.
Pleated Zipper Pouches sewing pattern (in 3 sizes)

There are two options to get this pattern. It’s available on Etsy for a nominal price (currently 99c at the time of publication) or completely free from the I Think Sew website. You will need to create a login to download it.

Click here to get the free pattern

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