How to Use a Twin Needle on Your Sewing Machine – FREE video & photo tutorial

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How to Use a Twin Needle on Your Sewing Machine - FREE video & photo tutorial

We really love The owner Domenica is such a talented sewer and her videos are clear, concise, and always receive fabulous feedback.

In this article Domenica shows us all how to use a twin needle or double needle on your sewing machine. She’s produced an excellent YouTube video that you can watch below. On her website, she has produced a very detailed photo tutorial on the same subject.

As Domenica says “there’s something about sewing two perfectly parallel lines that makes you feel like you’re an expert at sewing”. 

So why do we use a twin needle? Domenica says “it’s because a twin needle is especially great for finishing off hems on garments made of knit fabrics. It allows for the stretchiness of the knit fabric as well as giving the garment a professional-looking finish with your everyday sewing machine”.

How to Use a Twin Needle on Your Sewing Machine - FREE video & photo tutorial.

Not only that, but it can also give a beautiful finish to your bag sewing patterns.  A twin needle will give you two perfectly parallel lines of stitching, and if you wish they can also be used for rows of parallel decorative stitches too.

Topstitching with a twin needle will produce two perfectly spaced lines of sticking and make your sewing look amazing!

Domenica tells us that a twin universal needle will suit you if you are sewing medium weight cotton type fabrics and a twin stretch needle would be best for lighter knit type fabrics.

What materials and tools will you need:-

  • Twin Needle,
  • Garment or other fabric to sew,
  • Sewing machine,
  • Thread,
  • Spare bobbin if you don’t have multiple spools of one thread color.

When Domenica produced her YouTube video (below) she had two other tips to mention, which were (1) try not to use a backstitch when starting or finishing with your twin needles. Try a locking stitch instead if you have one available, and (2) you can’t use your machine’s auto-needle threader with the twin needle. We suggest getting one of THESE needle threaders. We’ve tried it and love it. It also works well to hold needles when you need to change them.

Watch the video here on how to use a twin needle:

If you would like to check out the FREE written tutorial with photos, you can click on the orange button below. Then think how you can add a neat twin needle finish to some of your sewing projects.

Click here for Domenica’s photo tutorial

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