Milestone Backpack sewing pattern (3 sizes)

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Milestone Backpack sewing pattern (3 sizes)

This is the Milestone Backpack pdf sewing pattern from the designer The In Complete Stitch.

The designer says the Milestone Backpack is a modern, slimline drawstring backpack pattern.

It comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and features a drawstring closure at the top and an external zipped front pocket, with a hidden slip pocket inside it. To the rear there is a curved slip pocket, secured with a snap fastener.

Internally you can leave it plain and simple or choose to add a slip pocket (subdivided or gently secured with a snap fastener) and/or a welt zipped pocket. And of course there has to be a lanyard strap to secure a key or, perhaps, a Milestone Pouch?

The Milestone Backpack approximate finished dimensions are as follows:

  • Small = 32.5 cm (12 ¾”) tall by 32.5 cm (12 ¾”) wide.
  • Medium = 40 cm (15 ¾”) tall by 40 cm (15 ¾”) wide.
  • Large = 46.5 cm (18 ½”) tall by 46.5 cm (18 ½”) wide

Skill level:
The designer rates her Milestone Backpack as suitable for confident beginner sewers. She describes it as a straightforward project with the main challenge being the curved seam to the front. As always the tutorial covers each step in detail to help empower you to tackle all elements with confidence.

Milestone Backpack sewing pattern (3 sizes)

What’s needed to make a Milestone Backpack:-

  • Outer fabric – most mid-heavy weight woven fabrics are suitable such as oilskin/waxed canvas, mid – weight canvas, denim. Quantities of fabric vary depending on size, option and colour blocking choices.
  • Lining fabric – Medium-lightweight cotton, quilting cotton, linen, mid-light weight canvas. Quantities of fabric vary depending on size, option and colour blocking choices.
  • Required Notions / Hardware / Interfacing – Notions required include (depending on your option choice):
  • Drawstring Cord: between 3m and 5m of drawstring cord. The suggested lengths should be sufficiently long for most adult wearers. (The minimum lengths shown will allow the bag to open fully with the cord straight.),
  • Outer Zipper – a No.5 size zipper is recommended – a closed ended zip, or a length of continuous zip,
  • Snap Fixing: a 12mm (½”) snap fixing to secure the outer rear slip pocket,
  • Optional:
  • Welt Pocket Internal Zipper : a No.3 size zipper is recommended,
  • Snap Fixing – should you wish to secure the internal slip pocket,
  • 2no. Grommets/Eyelets: should you wish to thread your drawstring cord ends through grommets,
  • Swivel Hook: for an optional key chain lanyard,
  • Hanging Loop: approximately 8cm (3 ¼”) of webbing with width of 15mm (⅝”) is suggested,
  • Interfacing – this backpack can be made without overall interfacing, however, depending on the fabric you use and the level or structure that you desire, you may wish to interface some areas. The pattern tutorial contains suggestions on suitable fabrics and on areas where you may want to consider adding interfacing,
  • Sewing machine needle suitable for your fabric choice.
Milestone Backpack sewing pattern (3 sizes)

When you add this cute pdf pattern to your collection, it will include a zipped file containing the following:-

  1. A detailed, extensive, illustrated step-by-step tutorial,
  2. A tiled print at home PDF pattern (in both A4 page and Letter page sizes),
  3. A layered PDF projector file,
  4. An A0 / Copyshop PDF file.

If you would like to download the pdf pattern you can click on the blue button below.