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Hexagon Tetris Tote Bag FREE sewing pattern & tutorial

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Hexagon Tetris Tote Bag FREE sewing pattern & tutorial

Here a great project for a beginner sewer where the pattern and tutorial are FREE.

The Hexagon Tetris Tote Bag is a very simple project where if you like you can just start by going out and buying a plain canvas Tote Bag. Amazon and some of the large supermarkets sell them in both individually and in packs, or you could of course just make yourself the most basic Tote Bag and then the fun begins.

You must decide on what color and size of hexagons you wish to use, how many hexagons and whether you add them to both sides of your bag. You will be appliqueing the hexagons onto your canvas bag and the designer has a super fast way of appliqueing which makes it look like you have totally slaved away doing needle turn when in fact you are sewing your hexagons onto Pellon interfacing and creating the illusion of English paper or needle turn applique.

Hexagon Tetris Tote Bag FREE sewing pattern & tutorial

What you will need to make the Hexagon Tetris Tote Bag:-

Click here for the FREE pattern

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