Square Pouch FREE sewing tutorial

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Square Pouch FREE sewing tutorial

This is a FREE sewing tutorial from a very talented and generous designer, Sweet Bee Buzzings. Enjoy this fabulous sewing project and free pattern tutorial to make a Square Pouch. You’ll learn how to visualise your ideal bag and then create a simple sewing pattern for the bag you want to create. It’s really not that difficult when you know how.

The designer had previously posted a tutorial for how to make up a pattern for a boxy pouch in any size at all. So this was her perfect chance to show the world that her tutorial does work out.

She started by drawing up the pattern. She knew that she wanted a three-inch square pouch, and for it to be about nine inches long. She put the zipper in the center and used a quarter inch seam allowance. Here’s the pattern that resulted.

Square Pouch FREE sewing tutorial

For this size of pouch, a fat quarter each for the lining and exterior was perfect.

For the examples shown the designer used cotton quilt batting, however, if she made any other pouches with this design she recommends using a sew-in fleece. She likes Thermolam Plus as it’s a bit more sturdy.

You’ll also need a standard zipper (one inch wide) long enough for your top edge. She recommends going longer to have some wiggle room for the top-stitching.

She started off by quilting her exterior fabric, which is not necessary but she is glad she did and doesn’t it look great. It adds some real body and character to the pouch.

Square Pouch FREE sewing tutorial

If you would like to download the free sewing pattern and tutorial you can click on the purple button below.

Click here for the pattern

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