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FREE Open Wide Zipper Pouch sewing tutorial in 2 sizes with video

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FREE Open Wide Zipper Pouch sewing pattern in 2 sizes

This is an excellent zipper pouch that opens wide and has a large flat bottom, which means it can stand up – even if you are on a rocking ship! This zippered box is a bit of a tardis – it zips up small yet opens up really big for easy access to all the bits and pieces inside – and it’s surprisingly easy to sew too!

It’s perfect as a cosmetic bag or sewing tools pouch but has lots of other uses as well. Kids will love this fun design for their small toys, but it also works great for pens, crayons, and pencils too.

FREE Open Wide Zipper Pouch sewing pattern in 2 sizes

Sizing info:
The awesome designer, Sewingtimes, has made her zipper pouch in two sizes. When you have finished making your own Zipper Pouch it will measure approximately:-

  • Small = 3⅝″ (9 ㎝) wide by 1⅞″ (4.5 ㎝) high by 1⅞″ (4.5 ㎝) deep.
  • Big = 6¾″ (17 ㎝) wide by 3⅝″ (9 ㎝) high by 3⅝″ (9 ㎝) deep.
FREE Open Wide Zipper Pouch sewing pattern in 2 sizes

This full video tutorial explains everything:
The designer has a huge following on YouTube and if you would like to see how she makes her Zipper Pouch then you can watch her 22-minute YouTube video below.

If you would like to download the FREE tutorial you can click on the purple button below.

Click here for the tutorial

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