DIY Drawstring Lunch Bag FREE sewing tutorial (+ video)

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DIY Drawstring Lunch Bag FREE sewing tutorial (+ video)

This is the DIY Drawstring Lunch Bag FREE sewing tutorial from the designer Sewing Times.

Although designed as a lunch bag, this handy tote with a drawstring top and carrying handles could be a great project bag too or even sewn as your everyday purse if you prefer that drawstring top instead of a zipper. A versatile design that could be used in lots of different ways, not only for carrying your lunch.

Say goodbye to ordinary lunch bags and embrace the creativity of crafting your own drawstring lunch bag. This project is not only a delightful way to enhance your lunch routine but also a sustainable choice for the environment. Follow the detailed guide provided by Sewing Times to embark on your sewing journey.

Lunch Bags don’t have to be boring or disposable. With a Drawstring Lunch Bag, you’re not only making a statement with your style but also making a positive impact on the environment. These bags are washable, reusable, and versatile, perfect for carrying your lunch, snacks, or even small items when you’re on the go.

Crafting your own Drawstring Lunch Bag is a fulfilling endeavor that allows you to personalize your lunchtime experience. The Sewing Times guide (written and video) takes you through each step of the process, ensuring that you create a practical and stylish bag tailored to your preferences.

DIY Drawstring Lunch Bag FREE sewing tutorial (+ video)

Sizing info:
The finished measurements of this bag are approximately 8⅜″(21㎝) W × 8⅜″(21㎝) H ×6″(15㎝) D.

Sewing Times is a trusted resource for sewing enthusiasts, offering a wide range of tutorials and inspiration. With their DIY Drawstring Lunch Bag guide, they continue to empower individuals to create functional and beautiful items through sewing.

DIY Drawstring Lunch Bag FREE sewing tutorial (+ video)

Materials needed:
Outer layer ( Quilting Cotton )
2 15⅛″ × 6¾″ ( 38㎝ × 30.5㎝ )
1 15⅛″ × 11½″ ( 38㎝ × 29㎝ )
2 15⅛″ × 6⅜″ ( 38㎝ × 16㎝ )
2 3¼″ × 12″ ( 8㎝ × 30㎝ )
Lining ( Quilting Cotton )
2 15⅛″ × 12⅛″ ( 38㎝ × 30.5㎝ )
2 15⅛″ × 6⅜″ ( 38㎝ × 16㎝ )
Fusible fleece (It is similar to Pellon 987F ‘ or ‘Vilene H630’)
1 14⅜″ × 22¾″ ( 36㎝ × 57㎝ )
5㎜ Cotton Cord

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If you would like to follow along with the written photo tutorial you can click on the purple button below. NOTE – THERE IS NO PATTERN DOWNLOAD FOR THIS PROJECT. This is a measure and cut pattern with no printable templates so its ideal if you don’t have a printer at home

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