Baguette bag free sewing pattern with video

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The baguette bag is a great stylish purse to take with you on a fun night out on the town with your friends. It is big enough to fit all of your essentials but not too big to weigh you down.

This bag sits up and holds its shape. The key to this is the foam interfacing or stabilizer. The designer prefers a sew-in to a fusible and shows her tips for working with it in the video tutorial below.

From one 18” x 58” pack you’ll be able to make 4 bags.

My favourite thing about this bag design is the scrunchie-style handle which is very popular right now and adds a whimsical touch to this timeless style bag.

Height: 15 cm (6”) high. Width: 23.5 cm (9 ¼”)

Exterior Fabric: 35 cm (14”) off the bolt.
Medium weight woven fabric. Cotton quilting fabric, linen, medium weight canvas.
The bag in the step-by-step photos is made from a stiff satin brocade, it was
challenging to work with due to the fraying factor, you’ll see in the photos that the
seams were overlocked.
Avoid fabrics with an open weave that will fray. A thick fabric is not recommended
because there are a lot of layers in the top side edge seams, including the exterior
fabric, lining, foam interfacing, the strap and the zipper. A thick exterior fabric would
make this seam difficult to sew on a domestic sewing machine.
Lining: 25 cm (10”) off the bolt.
Medium weight woven fabric. Cotton quilting fabric. Cotton poplin.
Avoid slippery fabrics.
Sew- in Foam Interfacing: 23 cm x 74 cm (9” x 29”) rectangle.
ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable (The easiest to sew, great for beginners).
Matilda’s Own, Bosal, Vlieseline Style-Vil, Pellon Flex Foam.
One 18” x 58” pack will make 4 Baguette Bags.
Fusible foam interfacing is not recommended.
Open Ended Jacket Zipper: 40 cm (16”).
An open-ended jacket zipper has thicker teeth and wider tape than a regular dress
zipper, making it more durable in a bag. It’s also easy to work with because it can be
separated during the bag construction as you’ll see in the video.
Avoid zippers with chunky or metal teeth because they are difficult to sew through,
especially in the thick top side edge seams of this bag.
25 mm (1”) wide polyester webbing for strap: 50 cm (20”) Or length of your choice.
For a non-gathered strap you’ll need interfacing, turn to page 14 for the details.
Template plastic or similar for the bag base.: 4.5 cm x 16.5 cm (1 ¾” x 6 ½”) rectangle.
Additional Requirements
Pins, large safety pins and general sewing supplies
Fabric scissors
Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat
Wonder Clips (Wonder Clips are shown in the step-by-step photos)
Sewing machine
Regular all-purpose polyester thread
Size 80 or 90 jeans needle
Zipper foot
Standard sewing foot or some machines may need to use a walking foot

The designer even provides a history lesson on the baguette bag.

A Baguette is a small compact handbag that is carried on a short strap, it was originally
designed by Italian fashion company Fendi in 1997. The Baguette was a huge trend in
the late 1990s and early 2000s and could be found in an array of colours and textures.
In recent years, the Baguette has made a comeback! This is our version. It’s a stylish
shape with a top curved zipper, rounded at the bottom, with a side gusset and a
gathered strap. It’s a basic shape for you to personalize in your own way; add some
pockets or change up the strap, it’s up to you!

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