Vanessa Market Bag sewing pattern (+ video)

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Vanessa Market Bag sewing pattern (+ video)

This is the Vanessa Market Bag pdf sewing pattern from the designer I Think Sew Bags.

With its long design, the market bag was designed to fit all kinds of items for your shopping needs.

The pattern fits very well with fabrics that have vivid colors, creating a bag with an eye-catching appeal.

As the perfect gift, up to two to three of these will make the perfect companion when going out shopping!

Skill level:
The designer made the Vanessa Market Bag as a sewing project for beginner sewers.

Sizing info:
When you as a beginner sewer have made a Vanessa Market Bag of your own it will measure approximately 15″ wide by 16″ high. The height strap is 7½”.

Vanessa Market Bag sewing pattern (+ video)

This pattern can be scrappy in nature (see the patchwork example), and is ideal for using up smaller pieces of fabric, or recycling fabrics such as old shirts or bed sheets. Make your market bag truly sustainable and eco-friendly by creating it from something which might otherwise be thrown away.

HERE is a video tutorial showing you to make the market bag.

The pdf pattern includes the following:-

  1. A list of what you need.
  2. A description of each step detailed with pictures.
  3. Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns.
  4. Letter and A4 paper both provided.
Vanessa Market Bag sewing pattern (+ video)

If you would like to download the pdf pattern you can click on the blue button below.