The Whim Of Trim Handbag free pattern

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The Whim Of Trim Handbag free pattern

Today we are delighted to tell you about the pretty free purse pattern with lovely feature piping. This has got to be one of the most popular sewing websites for fabulous free sewing patterns and tutorials. Cheryl of Sew Can Do makes great bags which she shows off with awesome photos and which all go together to make the best step-by-step tutorials.

With her Whim Of Trim Bag, she is meeting the needs of those of you who love a cute and quirky handbag. She loves whimsical purses herself and loves to make her own.

Her Whim Of Trim Bag is a straightforward, simple design, but what makes it fun & flirty is all the trimmings. The red piping seams, strawberry handles and a berry shaped snap give it style.

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Cheryl used a solid dark denim fabric so it would be nice and durable and to make the redlining and piping trim really pop in contrast.

And so what did she end up with? The answer, a bag that’s cute, functional and super strong. She says by trying different handles, shaped snaps and color combinations the same bag design can have loads of other looks too.

The Whim Of Trim Handbag free pattern 2

What you will need to make the Whim Of Trim Handbag:

  • ½ a yard of dark denim fabric,
  • ½ a yard of cotton fabric lining,
  • ½ a yard of medium weight fusible stabilizer,
  • ½ a yard of ultra-firm stabilizer,
  • A pair of pleather handles,
  • One spring snap & setting tools,
  • One package of piping,
  • One skein of embroidery thread,
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • A sewing machine.

You can get your hands on this fabulous free tutorial by clicking on the button below.

Click here to get the pattern