The Great British Sewing Bee – Episode 1

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I missed this episode so I was so excited to see it available in full here. The BEST sewing show on TV, and I love all those British accents.

It’s back! The Great British Sewing Bee is the best sewing program on TV. Suspense, tension, excitement, tears and laughs the whole way. Contestants are challenged each week with making several sewing projects, from following a pattern, to refashioning an existing garment, or creating a custom fit garment for their model.  All against the clock and in front of the ever-pacing judges!

How do you sew under pressure?  Is that when you do your best work – or when it all goes to pieces and everything goes wrong?  Check out the great skills from these keen amateur sewers with the TV cameras there to capture every mistake!

Season 4 has just started. If you missed it, or can’t get this where you are, enjoy the full Episode 1 below.

In this episode:

  • cutting a striped fabric on the bias and joining it center front and center back to create a chevron pattern on a simple sleeveless blouse
  • refashion a maternity dress into a new garment that fits the mannequin
  • a skirt of your choice that perfectly fits the model