The Cornish Backpack sewing pattern

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The Cornish Backpack sewing pattern

The Cornish Backpack is a unique new backpack design from Country Cow Designs. While most backpacks are voluminous and stick out from your back, the Cornish Backpack is still really roomy, but the design is far flatter and more slimline. There’s still plenty of space and you can still carry large items, but if you turn around quickly you aren’t likely to be knocking small children in the head with your big bag!

What else makes this backpack different from others? The straps come through the top of the bag, making it more difficult for people to take things out of your bag while you’re wearing it. That’s a great security feature. It also allows you to carry it on your arm like a tote bag when you need to.

The Cornish Backpack sewing pattern

Other features include a magnetic snap and optional zipper closure panel that folds flat within the bag. It has two front pockets that are sized to carry a standard drink bottle or your flip flops.

It is also deliberately sized to fit most standard laptops, including an MS Surface, with room to spare. The flatter slimline design suits carrying things like laptops and tablets, electronics, books, files and magazines.

This is an intermediate pattern and we absolutely love this backpack especially the slimline profile and the added security.

Learn how to sew the Cornish Backpack:
You can watch a YouTube video (2 hours and 8 minutes) for this sewing pattern from the designer here:

What you will need to make a Cornish Backpack:-

The Cornish Backpack sewing pattern

If you need a hump jumper to help you with thicker areas then you can find one here USA CANADA UK

The pattern:
The pattern comes with a 28-page instructional photo guide and cutting chart. Also included are A4 and US letter printable patterns with ALL pattern pieces, should you prefer to print the pattern (in separate files). Click below to get the pattern.