Hanging Storage Baskets (3 sizes and video)

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Hanging Storage Baskets (3 sizes and video)

This cute Hanging Storage Baskets sewing pattern comes in three sizes. The pattern is available to buy individually as small, medium, or large, or as a bundle of all three sizes. So no matter what you need to store, or where you want to hang these, there is always one just right for your stuff and your space.

This is a quick and easy project that’s great for even a beginner! And there’s even a video tutorial that you can watch below. No need to put a stitch wrong, and once you’ve made your first one, these will be so quick to sew.

Hanging Storage Baskets (3 sizes and video)

This is a fabulous project that helps you organize your spaces by sewing this pattern for fabric Storage Baskets that can hold all your things! There is even a small loop at the back so you can hang your baskets. These baskets are perfect for so many things and can be full of yarns, sewing tools, mittens and scarves, diapers, toys, etc.

We think these would make good gift ideas. Fill them with sewing or crafting supplies for bringing out the creativity in a friend. Fill some baskets with baby supplies for a baby shower. Add gifts and candies for the festive season. Or fill a bag with some lovely bath and body supplies for your guest room, or as a gift for a girl friend. The kids will love these too. They work great in kids rooms for storing smaller toys, cars, art supplies and more.

See the photo below for sizing and material requirements:-

The pattern:
• All general instructions (policy, printing, assembly, material, and more),
• Imperial (inches) and metric (cm) measurements,
• Sewing tutorial with illustrated instructions (18 photos) in English,
• Tutorial VIDEO link,
• Full-size patterns for Letter and A4 printer paper.

Hanging Storage Baskets (3 sizes and video)

The designer has included a short YouTube sewing tutorial where those of you who like to learn by watching can enjoy yourself. So why not sit comfortably and click on the play button.

If you would like to add this fabric storage basket sewing pattern to your collection you can click on the blue button below to learn more.

Click here for the pattern

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