The Best DIY Fabric Boxes

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Fabric covered boxes with removable covers. Quick, cheap, easy storage ideas using a regular cardboard box.

[UPDATE – we are sorry to report that the Simply Small Wonders site is no longer active, and this pattern is no longer available. We’ve searched for it elsewhere online and can’t find it anywhere else. Sorry, sometimes this happens and its outside of our control. You can find alternative patterns and ideas for FABRIC BASKETS AND BOXES HERE.]


We’ve seen fabric covered boxes and crates before, but usually you have to start with a specific sized box or crate, wicker basket etc.  We love this tutorial because you can simply use any old cardboard box you have hanging around the place so it’s nice and thrifty.  A handy calculator is included so you can adapt the size of the liner to fit your size of cardboard box – perfect!  Here’s what Simply Small Wonders has to say about why these fabric covered boxes are so awesome to sew and use…

“There are so many things I love about these fabric boxes, it is hard to know where to start. These boxes can turn any disorganized shelf into a stylish, neat, and organized area. They are much faster to make than the majority of “no-sew” fabric boxes out there (please trust me, not sewing is NOT an advantage when you are making fabric boxes, unless of course you want to spend three times as long making them and get glue all over the place). The fabric on these is removable, thus washable. An incredible advantage if you have children, or, are simply prone to spilling your coffee on a daily basis like me. Let’s just take a minute and think about what would happen if you glued the fabric onto your box and it gets dirty, lets just say your two year old smears peanut butter on it. I rest my case. They are lined on the entire outside, as well as inside for an extremely neat and finished appearance. To top that all off, you can make these for next to nothing. All you need are cardboard boxes and fabric….”

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