Sew a project hanger for hang-up storage free sewing pattern

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Sew a project hanger for hang-up storage free sewing pattern

Wherever you do your sewing it is always a great idea to stay organised. That is why this designer has made her Project Hanger pattern. It’s a simple-to-make solution that comes as a free pattern and tutorial

In any busy sewing room, things like notions can easily get lost in drawers of tools and gadgets, and pattern pieces can easily escape from their pattern envelopes. A Project Hanger is the answer to all those problems.

If you don’t have a dedicated sewing space, packing and unpacking your equipment squanders precious sewing time. Again a Project Hanger is the answer to all that problem.

This hanger has two main features:-

  • Two 8-inch-deep pockets which are large enough to fit a pattern envelope as well as any notions or tools that are needed for your project.
  • A pincushion stretching along the length of the bottom edge which can hold swatches or pattern pieces securely.

The designer says that almost any woven fabric will work for her hanger project. The pocket is just the right size to use fat quarters or small fabric pieces from your stash.

You can make one of these lovely project hangers for yourself and they will also make great gifts for friends and family who are also sewers.

If you want to download the free pattern and tutorial then you can click on the link below. This pattern is designed for a specific type of hanger measuring 19″ by 5 1/2″ tall. You must cut a separate pocket pattern piece that is the same width as the body and 9″ tall.

The designer has also very kindly prepared instructions for drafting your own pattern if you want to work with a type of hanger.

What you will need to make a Sew A Project Hanger:-

Click here for the pattern

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