How to install a twist lock

Straightforward instructions on how to install a twist lock correctly. These make your bag and wallets look great!


There’s no doubt that smart hardware can take your bag sewing projects to the next level. We’ll all usually start off with zippers, or magnetic snaps, buttons etc, but sooner or later the bling of the shiny hardware will begin to call out to you. Or maybe you’ll come across hardware in a new pattern that you’ve not used before.

Sometimes the pattern might just say ‘Install lock according to manufacturer instructions’, which is fine where you have instruction, but a lot of hardware just comes in a baggie without any instructions on how they should be used.

To help you out on your road to using new locks in your back projects, here’s a tutorial from Ms. Elaineous on how to correctly install a twist lock.  You can download to save to your computer to refer to later.

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How to install a twist lock