How to Apply Fabric Protector to Your Handmade Bags

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Have you ever wondered if you should/could use a fabric protector on your handmade bags? Here's the answer!

You all love to sew bags (us too) and so you know how much time you spend laboring over fabric choices, cutting out fabrics, fusing interfacing, installing hardware and finally sewing. Plus, the monetary expense of making your own bag or purse can be pretty hefty, so don’t forget to do one final thing — protect your purse from spills and stains and the general grime from everyday use.

Have you ever wondered if you should or could use a fabric protector on your precious bags?  We’ve heard mixed reports, that on the rare occasion, applying a spray fabric protector can cause some of the darker colors to bleed if you get them too wet, especially reds and black.  But use a spray sparingly without overwetting and it should be fine.  (Do test on a piece of leftover fabric to be completely sure before spraying your bag.)

Veronica from Sew Very gave it a try and shows us how she did it over on the Craftsy blog.

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How to use Fabric Protector on your handmade bags and purses