How about some laser scissors

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Genius idea for quilters, sewers and crafters. Laser scissors help you to always cut the perfect straight line.

I don’t know about you, but when anyone mentions lasers, I automatically think of James Bond in the old days and the scene where the bad guy could have just shot him in the head, but oh no, let’s think of some ingenious but very slow method of killing him that leaves him plenty of unsupervised time to escape completely unharmed.


But laser scissors for cutting a straight line – sign me up! In the same way that using a quilting ruler and rotary blade has helped me to make straight cuts, these scissors could be awesome for when cutting in a straight line is needed – almost all the time in sewing!

No need to even draw the line. Just make a mark at the start and finish, line up your scissors at the start, point your laser guiding line to the mark at the end, and cut, keeping your laser aimed at that mark. A perfectly straight cut every time!

Want to try them out? Get yourself some laser scissors here –>

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