Fabric Record Labels free sewing printable

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Free sewing printable for all of our readers! If you are anything like us, you’ve probably got quite the fabric stash neatly folded and stored in your sewing or crafting space. (Or hidden under the bed, at the back of the cupboard and in the attic – giggle.)

There are the everyday fabrics, the solids, the small prints, the batiks and so on that you pull out often for linings, handles, pockets and the like.

Then there are the ‘special’ fabrics. The ones you paid that little bit more for. The ones you didn’t intend to buy but it just caught your eye and you couldn’t pass up those fabulous colors. Usually purchased with no particular project in mind, and sometimes just too darned nice so that you are reluctant to even cut into them. Yes, we all have those.

Then the project comes along. That awesome bag pattern you had to buy the minute it was released and you have just the right fabric in mind. You print the pattern, start to cut out the pieces and then realise because of the fussy cutting and pattern matching to get the placement just exactly right on your bag, you don’t have quite enough. Disaster! Can you remember where you bought it? The name of the design? Arghhh…

That’s where having a record of these things can be so valuable. You’ll always know the dimensions of a piece without having to unfold it and measure. You’ll always know where you bought it and who the designer was (and how much you paid, but feel free to leave that part blank!)

What you can record on the printable labels

Our sheets of printable sewing records come in large (4 to a sheet) or small (6 to a sheet) and have spaces for you to record the following information about your fabric:

  • Date of purchase
  • The amount you paid per yard or metre
  • Where you bought it
  • Name of the designer
  • Name of the fabric pattern
  • Size of the piece (or how much you have left if you’ve used some)
  • What you plan to use it for

12 different labels, large and small sizes

There are 12 different labels, on two sheets of six for the small labels and on three sheets of four for the larger labels.

When you buy new fabric (or if you are going through your stash and sorting it) complete the label, and then pin, clip, staple or tape it onto the fabric so you always have that info to hand. Or just fold the fabric and slip the record inside.

These can be printed on Letter or A4 paper on any regular home printer. They are available as a PDF download, one file for the large and one file for the small labels. Print them all or just one sheet.

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