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Double Zipper Pouch – free video & tutorial

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Double Zipper Pouch - free video & tutorial.

There are quite a few really good tutorials and patterns out there in the bloggy-sphere for zipper pouches.  But they all have just one zipper.  OK, but what if you want a pouch with two zippered compartments, or three? It’s not always easy to get your head around how you might make something like that.

Double Zipper Pouch - free video & tutorial.

So check out this step by step video which very clearly walks you through all the steps for how to create a zipper pouch with two zippered sections. This video will lead you to have one of those Ah-ha moments.  Once you’ve made the first one and see how it goes together, we think you’ll have the next one sewn in no time!

The video above should tell you everything you need to know, but you can also visit Japanese Sewing Books for a picture step by step tutorial, taken as stills from the video.

FREE picture tutorial for download

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