Brockford Bag sewing pattern

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Brockford Bag sewing pattern

This is a sewing pattern for the Brockford Bag, a sizeable multi-pieced 1940s-inspired style, reminiscent of the overnight bags of a bygone era, featuring Charlie’s Aunt’s signature asymmetrical styling.

Brockford features contrasting upper and lower panels and can be made with either a self-fabric or purchased strap.

There is a choice of interior patch or zipper pockets.

Brockford is named after a former train station in the designer’s native Suffolk, which closed in the 1950s. It is now part of a heritage railway.

Brockford Bag sewing pattern

Recommended fabrics:
This style makes up well in either two or three contrasting fabrics including wool tweeds, flannel, corduroy, coating weight, and decorator weight fabrics.

Sizing info:
Approximate finished dimensions are 13” (33 cm) high by 19” (48 cm) wide at the widest point by 5” (12.5 cm) base width a length of strap of approximately 28” (72 cm).

Brockford Bag sewing pattern

Materials needed:

  • 12” (30 cm) of 60” (154 cm) or ½ yard (50 cm) of 44” (112 cm) width fabric,
  • ½ yard (50 cm) of 60” (154 cm) or 2/3 yard (60 cm) of 44” (112 cm) width contrasting fabric,
  • 1 yard (92 cm) of 44” (112 cm) width or 2/3 yard of 60” (154 cm) lining fabric,
  • 1¼ yards (115 cm) of 36” (92 cm) interfacing,
  • 1 yard of 26” (66 cm) width interlining such as foam or fleece,
  • To interface bag lining you will need an extra yard (92 cm) of 36” (92 cm) fusible interfacing,
  • One magnetic snap,
  • One large button to trim flap (approx. 2”/50 mm diameter),
  • Piece of plastic canvas for base 5” (12.5 cm) by 14” (36 cm),
  • 7” (18cm) zip for interior pocket if making,
  • If making your own strap, you will need – 28” by 4” (72 cm by 10 cm) of fusible interfacing or fusible web for the strap,
  • If using a purchased strap, you will need – Leather or vinyl strap 1” by 28” (2.5 cm by 72 cm) approx,
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • A sewing machine.

The pattern:
This pdf has thirty-three pages, of which fourteen pages include the cover, general, cutting out, and step-by-step instructions, plus nineteen pattern sheets with the templates, which you must print and cut out. All templates are actual size and all seam allowances are included which are ½” (12 mm) unless otherwise stated.

Eight of the templates are too big to fit on one page and therefore must be cut out and joined together with tape at the dashed lines, matching the numbers where indicated. Instructions for this are clear. All seam allowances are included.

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