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Alternative way to sew neat bag handles – FREE tutorial

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Genuis! An alternative way to create handles and straps when sewing bags. No difficult turning, easy to use with heavier weight stabilisers, and creates beautifully neat handles without the bulky ends - every time! I'm sold.

If you sew a lot of bags then inevitably you sew a lot of straps and handles. You might already have a favorite method that you use, or you might just go with what the pattern tells you to do each time.

There is an alternative way that you don’t often see in pattern instructions, but it creates a very neat looking strap, can be used for heavily interfaced straps too without turning or creating thick ends that lead to problems later when you try to sew them onto the bag, or fold them over to add hardware. Just create the strap and adjust the interfacing or stabiliser to allow for hardware, rivets, rings etc.  So much easier to sew through and a nice neat end without lots of stitching.

It’s easy and obvious when you see how and in this tutorial (part of a sew-along) Sew Fearless shows us exactly how to create those very neat handles with the minimum of effort, even when using Peltex! No turning needed.

Find the tutorial for these neat bag handles

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