Yasmina Backpack sewing pattern (2 sizes plus video)

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Yasmina Backpack sewing pattern (2 sizes)

The Large Yasmina backpack is a medium-sized backpack that is a great size if you have some stuff to carry around but want to do it with style and you don’t want to be carrying a school-sized heavy backpack.⁣

⁣The Small is a super cute slim-style backpack purse. If you only carry around your essentials but still love the freedom a backpack gives you. ⁣It can also be a great child backpack.⁣

Main features:

  1. Two sizes – medium-sized backpack and a smaller, slim backpack purse.
  2. The front panel is great for showcasing your fabric.
  3. Zipper pocket on the back for security, a double slip pocket, and a zipper pocket inside.
  4. Both measurements (imperial and metric) with cutting instructions as well as pattern pieces available (whole pieces – no fold).
  5. Detailed instructions with over 400 photos.
  6. Two-sided straps and handle, no raw edges technique for the ends of your straps.
  7. Two ways of doing interior zipper pocket – regular (zipper facing – no raw edges) and with vinyl/cork/leather overlay.
  8. Various fabric/interfacing/stabilizer options discussed.
Yasmina Backpack sewing pattern (2 sizes)

Skill level:
This is a pattern that would not generally be a beginner pattern but strives to be, as it has very detailed explanations and over 400 photos to guide you through every step.⁣ ⁣It is great for an adventurous beginner interested in learning new things as it has various techniques explained and tips and tricks throughout the instructions.⁣ ⁣And an intermediate sewist can breeze through it easily because of all the photos.⁣

Sizing info:
– Large: 13″ (33 cm) wide by 9 5/8″ at the base (24.5 cm at the base) by 13 3/4″ (36 cm) high by 3 1 ⁄2″ (9 cm) deep.
– Small: 11″ (28 cm) wide by 8 3/4″ at the base (22 cm at the base) by 11″ (28 cm) high by 2 3/8″ (6 cm) deep.

Full video tutorial available here:

Materials needed:

  • FOR LARGE SIZE: 1 yd (m) Exterior fabric, 55” (140 cm) wide. And 3/4 yd (m) Lining fabric 55” (140 cm) wide. *optional: 1 ¼” (3.2 cm) wide webbing (if doing webbing straps and connectors – 1” wide can also be used alternatively)
  • FOR SMALL SIZE: 1/2 yd (m) Exterior fabric, 55” (140 cm) wide. And 1/2 yd (m) Lining fabric, 55” (140 cm) wide. *optional – 1” (2.5 cm) wide webbing (if doing webbing straps and handle)
  • Woven interfacing for all cotton/lightweight fabric pieces
  • Vilene H250 or Pellon 809 Décor-Bond (for cotton straps and connectors) – woven interfacing can be used alternatively
  • A small piece of light nonwoven interfacing for the zipper facing – if doing the facing method (two methods for zipper pocket are explained)
  • Decovil Light/Heavy – reinforcements/stabilizers – (pages 6-8)
  • Decovil Light/Fusible fleece/H630/H640/Thermolam/Foam for structure – depending on materials choice (check pages 6-8)
  • 8/9 mm diameter rivets of various post lengths – depending on the fabric choice
  • 5# nylon zipper tape (zipper by the meter/yard) + 3 corresponding zipper pulls: (37 5/8” (95.5 cm) for LARGE, 33 3/4″ (85.5 cm) for SMALL SIZE)
  • 2 x slide adjusters, 2 x rectangle rings : 1 1/4 ” (3.2 cm) for LARGE size, 1” (2.5 cm) for SMALL SIZE
  • *(1” (2.5 cm) can be used alternatively for large size as well)
  • Removable marking tools (silver pen/air erasable pen/chalk etc)
  • Wonder clips
  • Quilting ruler
  • Cutting tools (sharp scissors, rotary cutter, crafting knife, other preferred tools)
  • Fabri-tac glue (or equivalent)
  • Double-sided tape of various widths
Yasmina Backpack sewing pattern (2 sizes)

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