Tote Bag sewing pattern (2 sizes + video)

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Tote Bag sewing pattern (2 sizes + video)

This is the Tote Bag pdf sewing pattern from the designer TYTKA Studio.

This triangular shaped Tote Bag comes in two sizes – small and medium – with the following dimensions:

Small = 26cm by 45cm.
Medium = 37cm by 64cm.

This a beginner sewer pattern where minimal sewing experience is required. You will receive step-by-step instructions and a photo tutorial with descriptions allowing you to make great gifts for your loved ones.

The designer on her YouTube channel has included an 8-minute video tutorial showing you how to make this lovely Tote Bag. You can watch the video below by clicking on the play button.

Recommended fabrics and materials:
For the materials the designer says you’ll need some cotton canvas or some other fabric of your choice. For the small bag you’ll need fabric measuring 70 cm by 80 cm, while for the medium bag you will need 105 cm by 90 cm.

Tote Bag sewing pattern (2 sizes + video)

When you have added this digital sewing pattern to your collection you will be able to download the sewing tutorial and instructions pdf pattern files (in A4 and US letter) with two sizes available. You can print them from home and easily tape the pages together. The sewing tutorial with step by step pictures is easy to follow. There is additional information regarding fabric suggestions, fabric preparation & cutting, fabric layout, sizing and more in the instructions file. The pattern comes with measurements with both in inches and centimeters.

The designer points out that due to the limitation of the number of files on Etsy, files are only available in A4 and US letter formats. For an A0 file you should write her a message on Etsy after your purchase and she will send you an A0 file free of charge.

Tote Bag sewing pattern (2 sizes + video)

If you would like to download the pdf pattern you can click on the blue button below.