The Zip-N-Grip sewing pattern (with video)

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The Zip-N-Grip sewing pattern (with video)

Watch how fast and easy the Zip-N-Grip is to make with the designer’s video sewing tutorial. You can sew a completed Zip-N-Grip in just four hours! Requires minimal fabric and hardware making it great for gifts or those who sell at craft shows. Everyone will love the design.

Perfect for carrying cosmetics, toiletries, sewing, art or craft supplies. The Zip-N-Grip is the perfect bag for men, women and children.

Note this bag is finished with binding.

Here’s a gallery of images of the Zip-N-Grip bag – love this design!

Skill level:
The PDF sewing pattern is ideal for an Intermediate sewist or any sewist who has sewn a bag with binding.

Sizing info:
5¼” (13 cm) high by 9¼” (23.5 cm) wide by 4¾” (12 cm) deep.

The Zip-N-Grip sewing pattern (with video)

Recommended materials:
This pattern is domestic machine-friendly and can be sewn in all quilting cotton or a combination of quilt cotton, vinyl, or cork.

Video tutorial:
Introducing the Zip-N-Grip Bag sewing pattern withis short 4-minute video clip.

And the designer has also produced a full video tutorial for 44-minutes on her YouTube channel showing you how to make a her Zip-N-Grip Bag, that you can watch below.

Materials needed:

  • ½ yard (50 cm) approximately of exterior fabric,
  • ¾ yard (100 cm) approximately of lining fabric,
  • 1¼ yard (120 cm) approximately of lightweight woven fusible interfacing (Pellon ShapeFlex SF101). Note woven interfacing is not required when using vinyl/cork/waterproof canvas,
  • ⅓ yard (35 cm) approximately of light weight stabilizer such as Decovil Light,
  • 10″ (25.4 cm) by 10″ (25.4 cm) piece of Pellon 71F Peltex one sided fusible (recommended) or Decovil Heavy,
  • 23″ (58.4 cm) #5 zipper tape for main zipper closure + (one Zipper Pull),
  • 7.25″ (18.4 cm) #5 or #3 zipper tape for divider zipper pocket+ (one Zipper Pull),
  • 7″ (17.7 cm) #5 or #3 zipper tape for lining zipper pocket+ (one Zipper Pull),
  • Two 1″ (25 mm) Rectangle Rings,
  • Four Rivets (or Chicago Screws). 6-7 mm for thinner fabrics or 8-9mm for thicker fabrics,
  • Bag Tag (optional),
  • 38″ (100 cm) approximately by ½” wide (12.7 mm) Double Fold Bias Binding or 1″ wide (25 mm) Fold Over Elastic if not making your own binding from waterproof canvas.
  • Basic sewing suppies,
  • A sewing machine.

Check out our RESOURCES PAGE full of great recommendations and links for fabric stores and suppliers, interfacing and stabilizers, hardware resources, and zippers.

The Zip-N-Grip sewing pattern (with video)

Sewing pattern includes:

  • Step-by-step written instructions with photographs,
  • Video sewing tutorial via YouTube channel.

If you would like to download the pdf pattern you can click on the blue button below.

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