Stencil and Sew Cosmetics Bag – Bag of the Month

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Bag of the Month Sewing Classes - this month is the stencil and sew cosmetics bag. Learn how to make your own custom fabric as well as sew with leather/faux leather to make this cosmetics bag.


The latest class in the Creative Bug Bag of the Month series is released for May and it’s a great project to try out some new skills and learn about creating your own custom fabric as well as sewing with leather/faux leather. Learn more about the Bag of the Month series on Creative Bug in our earlier article.

Creating your own stencil for hand-printing fabric is surprisingly simple and lends a personal touch to this easy-to-sew bag. In this quick class, designer and artist Anna Joyce walks you through creating and working with stencils as well as fun sewing techniques for working with gussets, zippers and leather. As a bonus, the materials needed for this project will set you up for countless future stenciling endeavors.

Learn how to:

  • How to transfer an image to the stencil film
  • How to print a design onto fabric using stencils
  • How to build an all-over pattern using a stencil
  • How to sew a simple leather-bottom bag with gusset

Creative Bug Bag of the Month classes. So many great and varied bag sewing patterns and video tutorials, each released monthly. Build a library of new bag sewing skills and patterns.



There’s a new bag pattern and class released each month in 2016.  So far we’ve seen:

Jan – Linen Bucket Bag

Feb – Snap Clasp Purse

Mar – Screen print fabric fold over clutch bag

Apr – Weekender Bag

May – Stencil and Sew Cosmetics Bag

Creative Bug bag of the month classes. A new bag class released each month during 2016.

As new classes are released we think that they’ll all be added to this summary page featuring all of the bag of the month projects so far.  Go and check them out and sign up for a free 14-day trial.  Check out these bag sewing patterns and classes, as well as all the other bag sewing classes they already have in their library.

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